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Artificial Intelligence

Grow your business by attracting more customers, increasing customer experience and boosting sales. We provide Conversational Artificial Intelligence solution for sales, customer relationships and customer support use-cases.

Lead Generation

Capture leads every time users interact with your conversational agents. Build a powerful lead generation machine with no additional costs.


Handle pre-sales chats with your potential customers. Therefore, no lead is left behind. Above all, you can close more sales.

Customer Care

Provide top-notch customer service to your existing customers. Certainly, customer loyalty pays off.

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SigloTech will help you adopt ONE.AI conversational AI solution for your business. For more details, please visit the ONE.AI website or get in touch with us directly.

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SigloTech is a software development and consulting company with a primary focus on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Smart Contracts and Artificial Intelligence.

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