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Blockchain-related Services

We offer a wide range of blockchain-related services including smart contract development and audit, development of custom coins, setting up private blockchain, etc.

Smart Contract Development

Whether you need to issue your tradeable token, crowdfund to pre-sell a product or create a virtual organization where members vote on issues, we can develop efficient and secure smart contracts for you on the Ethereum platform. Learn More

Smart Contract Audit

Inefficient smart contracts may cost your company thousands. Security flaws and misbihaviour costs may reach hundreds of thousands. Protect your company from these potential problems by using our experts to audit your smart contracts. Learn More

Custom Coin Development

If you plan to start your own altcoin, you can use our services from planning to actual launch. We can build your altcoin based on Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum. You will have your own blockchain and the coin will be compatible with all major cryptocurrency exchanges.

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We realize that blockchain and cryptocurrency projects can be a little bit intimidating. Fear not. Given our team's experience in this field, you are in the safe hands. Members of our team have been involved with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies since 2012. Get in touch with us to start a conversation.

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SigloTech is a software development and consulting company with a primary focus on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Smart Contracts.

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