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Smart Contract Audit


Smart contract audit helps you reduce risks and increase customer trust in your project.

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In a nutshell...

SigloTech will verify your smart contracts through a rigorous process. You will get a comprehensive audit report. If there are any vulnerabilities or issues found, we will provide recommendations to eradicate them.

The Process

We employ a rigorous process to audit your smart contracts. Our process is a combination of manual code review and manual testing coupled with static and dynamic analysis. We use both our private net and Ethereum test nets. All currently known vulnerabilities will be revealed.


You will get a comprehensive report with audit findings. In case our audit reveals issues or vulnerabilities, the report will include recommendations to eradicate those issues. The report is delivered to you in full privacy or with a pre-agreed disclosure strategy.


Smart contract vulnerabilities and flaws not only may cost your a lot but may also endanger your reputation and in extreme cases make you liable for damages. You can minimize or fully eliminate these risks by using our independent smart contract audit service.

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SigloTech is a software development and consulting company with a primary focus on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Smart Contracts.

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