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Hire professional Solidity developers to develop smart contracts of any complexity

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In a nutshell...

SigloTech will analyze your project and learn your business requirements. We will do a feasibility study and create a development plan. Our team of highly skilled Solidity developers will develop your smart contracts.

The Process

We start the process by analyzing your project and by learning your business objectives. As a part of this process we do feasibility study. After this, our team of highly experienced Solidity developers start working on your smart contracts.


You will get source code of your smart contracts. We will also deploy your smart contracts on Ethereum testnet for thorough testing and audit. Finally, your smart contracts will be deployed on main Ethereum network.


Our prices for Solidity development start from €100 per hour. Our work is fully transparent and you are protected from unexpected costs and shadow expenses. Before committing to the project, you will know project budget.

About SigloTech

SigloTech is a software development and consulting company with a primary focus on Blockchain, Cryptocurrency and Smart Contracts.

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